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Note: this page hasn't been updated for a few years now...

So who is Ranulf anyway?

I guess I'm not normally in the habit of telling people who I am but here's a little synopsis anyway...

Most people know me as Ralf, not Ranulf. That started with a friend of mine at school, who decided that 2 syllables in a name was too many. His name was Matthew, and everyone called him Matt... Anyway, Ralf kind of stuck and now more people call me Ralf than Ranulf. But, Chief (as in Wigham) is right out. Got that?

I'm mid 30s and live in Coventry in England. I go to a pretty lively church called New Horizons which is in the centre of Coventry and if you want to know more, it's probably easiest just to look at the church website or e-mail me.

Outside of church stuff, I've been programming computers since I was about 8. I've spent about half my professional career working in C++ and half in Java, and outside work I'm currently very involved in FPGA development, having designed two revisions of my own FPGA development board, CPC2013, had some boards made up and learned how to solder really small things! There's a blog about my FPGA development too. I'm currently working on an FPGA-based emulator for the Amstrad CPC to run on my board, and writing the occasional demo for the now 30-year old computer to test out the functionality. My first released demo, Sugarlumps won the "oldschool" competition at the Sundown demo party in 2012 and I've been spotted at other demoparties too such as Revision and even managed to get my photo in a German newspaper article covering the event!

I like exploring new technology and prior to working in the game industry, I bought a PS3 just for Linux development and produced a number of programs for the PS3 under Linux including SPUGL, a software rasteriser with perspective-correct texture mapping and python-ps3, a graphics library for writing PS3 games in python. As you can see, I also often release my personal projects as open source.

I spent quite a bit of time learning Biblical Greek, although it's been a few years since I last looked at anything and I seem to have forgotten more of it than I'd have liked, so this is something I want to take up again.

History of my name

The name itself is derived from Old English, being originally Randwulf, meaning Wolf-shield or Protector against wolves. It was fairly common in the 14th century, and seems to have fallen out of common usage, although derivatives such as Ralph, Ralf and Randolph live on.

According to Baby names

Your name of Ranulf has created the desire to focus on the details of your immediate interests to the extent that others consider you to be fussy. You are attracted to, and could excel in, the mechanical or technical fields, such as computers. Instead of establishing the system and order you would like, you are over-particular in some things that matter to you personally but lax and indulgent in other ways. You place great importance on whatever you happen to be interested in, and can be quite thorough and detailed in what you are doing, but find it difficult to be consistent. You scatter your efforts when things becomes too monotonous. You have intense urges and feelings for which you can find no expression. At times you are motivated more by moods and desires than by sound logic and reason, and under conditions of stress you could react inadvertently in temper or stubbornness that you would regret later. The indulgences prompted by this name can lead to high blood pressure and its relative ailments, as well as nervous tension affecting the whole nervous system.

And who am I to argue?

Obligatory mug shot

This picture is getting quite old now, maybe 10 years ago now, but it always makes me smile... :)

Pensive mug-shot

I think it was taken at the Hannover Expo, which would make it from 2000, but I can't be totally sure that was where it was. I still have the bright yellow jumper too, hiding in the back of my wardrobe!

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